Excessive rain, overflowing reservoirs detected as the cause of flash floods

By Zaki Salleh
Photo Yb Kar Hing

GOPENG: Collaboration involving all agencies assisting in rescue, cleanup, and control efforts during flash floods in the Gopeng Parliamentary area is appreciated.

Gopeng Member of Parliament, Tan Kar Hing, said they have identified several causes of the flash floods.

He said excessive rainfall caused flash floods along the Pinji River.

The affected areas include upstream and downstream areas such as Ulu Kinta, Taman Cempaka, Ampang Baru, Sungai Rokam, Maju Rapat, and Pasir Pinji.

“The river water level reached the riverbank, causing backflow issues into drains connected to the river or monsoon drains.

“New housing developments have caused retention ponds to fail.

“Some development areas have experienced failures in retention pond function and drainage systems,” he said.

He further explained that rainwater from development sites overflowed onto the roads, flooding low-lying houses.

Old drainage systems failed to handle excessive rainfall, or small concrete sizes (culverts) and inadequate water diversion systems caused rainwater in drains to overflow onto roads.

“Some areas require drainage cleaning due to blockages caused by irresponsible human activities.

“The Gopeng Parliamentary Service Center is managing aid for flash flood victims.

“We will ensure that agencies or developers expedite the upgrading of drainage systems, and we will secure allocations for projects that require high budgets,” he said.

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