Drains clogged with garbage and oil, cause bad smells and flash floods in Taman Cempaka

By Aida Aziz

IPOH: The problem of clogged drains due to food waste and oil has resurfaced behind the shops at No 59, Regat Sri Cempaka, Taman Cempaka, here.

This issue was previously highlighted in Ipoh Echo and Peraktastic last January, and cleaning actions were taken by the authorities.

However, one of the residents there stated that the problem has recurred, accompanied by unpleasant odors and flash floods.

Ahmad claimed that one of the factors causing this is the nearby restaurant owners’ poor management of waste and oil.

Additionally, the irresponsible attitude of some individuals who throw garbage into the drains worsens the situation.

“This problem will continue as long as there is no awareness from the restaurant owners and the public.

“The nauseating smell, combined with the flash floods occurring in the Taman Cempaka shop area, is already a significant inconvenience for the residents.

“It is hoped that the Ipoh City Council and relevant parties take note of this issue. How long do residents have to face this problem? Stricter actions need to be taken to prevent it from recurring,” he said.

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