Youth Encouraged to Join the Fisheries Sector as Employers or Employees

BY: Zaki Saleh

BUKIT GANTANG – The participation of young people in the fisheries sector is crucial as the country faces a potential shortage of workers, currently relying on an ageing fisherman population.

Active involvement from this demographic is urgently needed.

Deputy Director-General (Development) of the Department of Fisheries, Bohari Leng, emphasized the necessity of youth participation in both sectors.

“We encourage the new generation to venture into the fisheries field as the older generation is ageing.

“Hence, we need a succession plan involving young people.

“There are many sectors within fisheries that young people can pursue, such as becoming fishing boat crew members or engaging in aquaculture for farming fish, shrimp, and more,” he stated.

He made these remarks after officiating the aid handover ceremony to my Komuniti Perikanan (myKP) in Kampung Dew.

According to Bohari, the aquaculture sector particularly needs young individuals to serve as managers and supervisors in pond and cage farming.

“The youth are also greatly needed in the downstream fisheries and processing industries.

“They can also get involved in producing products like fish crackers, surimi, sashimi, and various other items. They have the option to either become self-employed or work for others,” he added.

Additionally, the Department of Fisheries encourages interested young people to undergo skills training to pursue careers in this sector.

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