Addressing Potholes: A Measure of Satisfaction for Ipoh Residents

Dear Editor,

A comprehensive audit of the roads in Ipoh is urgently needed by the relevant authorities, including local councils, the Public Works Department (JKR), and appointed contractors, to assess the condition of potholes in the city.

Whether it’s federal roads, state roads, municipal roads, or roads between residential areas, potholes are a persistent issue.

The worst conditions are often found on municipal roads and those between residential areas.

Addressing potholes should be approached in a straightforward yet smart manner.

Relying solely on written complaints or reports submitted through applications is ineffective if the response is slow.

Potholes are a visible problem that does not require waiting for complaints to be addressed.

The experience of hitting a pothole while driving is frustrating and infuriating, and it becomes even worse if it causes an accident or vehicle damage.

Whether driving a car or riding a motorcycle, the irritation from hitting a pothole often leads to anger, which does not solve the problem.

Driving at night or in the rain exacerbates the issue, as familiar roads become unpredictable.

Authorities must recognize that the condition of potholes and damaged roads contributes significantly to public dissatisfaction.

It is futile for authorities to roll out impressive city planning initiatives if basic road quality issues remain unresolved.

The satisfaction of Ipoh’s residents is closely linked to the condition of the city’s roads.

Believe me, if the issue of road quality and potholes in Ipoh is addressed comprehensively, it will significantly enhance residents’ satisfaction.

Johan Asyarf Budiman

Taman Cempaka, Ipoh

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  1. 😡😡Pot holes every where. Wondering is it becoz money is used to continue paying debts of the failed MAPS project by the ex Menteri Besar in Meru ?? No allocation for roads?? Really bad bad road conditions.

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