Sinkhole at Jaycee Park Parking Area Now Barricaded

By Aida Aziz
Photo: Reader

IPOH: The issue of a sinkhole occurring at the Jaycee Park parking area, as previously reported by Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic, has finally garnered the attention of the authorities.

It is understood that barricades have now been placed around the mentioned sinkhole.

One reader, Lesley Tan, reported that shortly after the issue was highlighted, barricades were installed there as a safety measure.

“I passed through that area and saw that barricades have been placed,” she said.

Meanwhile, Shahril Ishak commented that such announcements should be increased to ensure the safety of the public.

Earlier, the deep sinkhole in the parking area near Canning Garden posed a danger to the public.

In fact, some individuals reported that their vehicle tires nearly entered the hole because it was not clearly visible from a distance.

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