Visitors can enjoy a relaxing time at Durian Camp Sahom Valley Resort

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

KAMPAR: Eating durian may sound ordinary, but eating durian while getting  away from the stress of work and camping by the river provides an exhilarating experience for visitors.

Sahom Valley Resort Agro & Eco Park here offers a worthwhile package for RM70, where visitors can enjoy the king of fruits in a tranquil setting.

Chief Executive Officer of Sahom Valley Resort, Mohd Raimy, said this is the first program since they just opened the campsite.

“From July 6 to August 4, we are running the ‘Durian Camp’ program.

“The concept we are trying to bring to campsite enthusiasts is that they can ‘chill out’ while eating durian by the river.

“We offer a very worthwhile price, just RM70 for a 2-day 1-night stay with 2 kilograms of durian.

“If visitors add on 20 kg of durian, we provide free coconut milk and glutinous rice,” he said.

Raimy said the program has received encouraging response and the campsite is full even though the program has just started.

“Our campsite is spacious and can accommodate 50 tents at one time.

Thankfully, the program has received a very overwhelming response, the 50 tent sites provided are always fully booked,” he said when met at the program here recently.

According to him, besides camping, visitors can also engage in various other activities around Sahom Valley Resort.

“So, visitors can not only camp, but they can also add on other recreational activities such as kayaking, flying fox, horseback riding, and water tubing,” he said.

He said various facilities are provided for visitors, including three cafes.

We have three cafes here: a river dining cafe, Bamboo Cafe, and Florist Bonda Cafe.

“Complete facilities, we provide many rooms, toilets, and a prayer room near the campsite,” he said.

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