• PCCCI Hopes to Work with New Government

    PCCCI Hopes To Work With New Government

      Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCCI) held an Executive committee meeting on May 13. The committee wish...read more

  • Help Needed for Rare Disease

    Help Needed For Rare Disease

      I would like to inquire whether there is an association to help children with rare diseases as I’m looking for a charity organisation that can help an 18-year-old boy...read more

  • Flash Floods

    Flash Floods

      Recently, while I was driving in Ipoh town, I received a shock of my life, when I experienced a flash flood. Flash floods have never happened previously. These days it happ...read more

  • Sleep Our Children Safe

    Sleep Our Children Safe

    Young children, especially those under five years of age, are ‘fragile’ and open to many risks. In recent years we have become increasingly aware that some small childr...read more

  • Parking Nightmare

    Parking Nightmare

      Since the opening of the 8-storey car park in Fatimah Hospital in Taman Ipoh, there has been a tremendous increase in the parking of cars at the lay-by of the roads surroun...read more

  • Restricted Parking Zones

    Restricted Parking Zones

      Nowadays, many commercial areas are situated right beside housing estates, but the sad part is, these areas are now designated as restricted parking zones. I am a frequent...read more

  • Vacant Houses @ Tiger Lane

    Vacant Houses @ Tiger Lane

    These abandoned houses used to be the homes of expatriates who have left their property, rendering it stagnant since a very long time ago. We have been staying in this house for ov...read more

  • Looking for Long-lost Family

    Looking For Long-lost Family

    I am writing from Perth, Australia. My family is originally from Ipoh and I was wondering if you can help me locate the following: 1st story: We are searching for four sisters: S...read more

  • Dedicated Doctors in GH

    Dedicated Doctors In GH

      The Cover Story of Ipoh Echo Issue 269 (Nov 1-15, 2017) was on the good and bad of public hospitals and I would like to share my good experience. I have been going to the E...read more

  • A Merdeka Message

    A Merdeka Message

    On the 60th anniversary of my homeland’s independence, I find myself recollecting fond memories of my childhood in the Malaysia of my birth. In particular, I recall with grea...read more

  • Can Someone Help These Boys?

    Can Someone Help These Boys?

      I had been visiting Ipoh since 2015, for a few weeks every few months, and I find it very lovely. However, I keep seeing these three underaged boys wandering around the cit...read more

  • Road Safety

    Road Safety

      Road Safety Department of Malaysia (JKJR) and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) should emphasize road safety since the number of road fatalities ...read more

  • Kindest Act of All

    Kindest Act Of All

    The Perak Turf Club held the annual presentation ceremony of giving donations to 52 charitable homes and organisations on November 13 at its premises. These presentation of donati...read more

  • Neighbour's House Abandoned

    Neighbour's House Abandoned

    I am writing this email in the hopes that someone could give us a solution to our problem.  The house at the back of our house is abandoned and the whereabouts of the owner i...read more

  • Response to Redshirts Provides Hope

    Response To Redshirts Provides Hope

    The recent Malaysiakini video recording of a mob of Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos’s Red Shirts surrounding a defenc...read more

  • Proton's Never-ending Problems

    Proton's Never-ending Problems

      Malaysian taxpayers must be shocked to read the article “Proton to raise capital” Car maker issuing RM1.25 billion convertible preference shares to Government (...read more

  • Council's Response to Report

    Council's Response To Report

    I wish to refer to Ipoh Echo’s article titled, “Potential of Gunung Lang Not Tapped” in the “My Say” column written by Jerry Francis (Issue 232 - Apri...read more

  • Noah's Ark

    Noah's Ark

    Noah’s Ark Ipoh (NAI) Animal Welfare had their first free spay campaign recently. Although we have been carrying out subsidised neutering since 2009 this was the first time w...read more

  • Cruelty to Animals

    Cruelty To Animals

      Animal lovers in the country welcome the Taiping Magistrate court’s decision to fine an unemployed women for neglecting her female pet Rottweiler dog (NST February 4)...read more

  • World Wetlands Day 2016

    World Wetlands Day 2016

    World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on February 2, commemorating the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands in 1971 in the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspi...read more

  • Ipoh Deserves a Better Book Fair

    Ipoh Deserves A Better Book Fair

      Ipoh certainly deserves a much better book fair than the one organised by the Perak State Library recently. By all account...read more

  • Not the First Perak Caveman

    Not The First Perak Caveman

      Re the article "Historian with a passion" in IE 221, and the cave skeleton at Phin Soon estate Sg Siput, it was not "the first Perak caveman", as human bones had already be...read more

  • Dignity in Mental Health

    Dignity In Mental Health

      This year the World Federation for Mental Health has chosen ‘Dignity in Mental Health’ as the theme for World Mental Health Day on October 10. With this year's ...read more

  • UniShortList


    Greetings to everyone, We are currently running an education project named UniShortList to provide a one-stop education advisory and consultation service to prospective students w...read more

  • A Fleeting Visit

    A Fleeting Visit

      I will be visiting Ipoh where I was born and went to school at ACS. I trained as a Normal School Teacher and was awarded a Crusade Scholarship by the Methodist Church. I ea...read more

  • What Are The Pull Factors?

    What Are The Pull Factors?

      I refer to your cover story in Ipoh Echo Issue 217 ‘Ipoh Gateway or Obstacle Course’. I have an entirely different viewpoint on the subject matter. My question...read more

  • Spirit of Patriotism

    Spirit Of Patriotism

      The spirit of patriotism must be kindled in the hearts of Malaysians. Our first response is to defend the country from all forms of threats, from within and without. The se...read more

  • Strays, Strays Everywhere

    Strays, Strays Everywhere

      I am pleased to note that the Animal Welfare Bill 2015 has been passed much to the delight of animal and pet lovers. However, I don't see how effective this act is, unless ...read more

  • Rubbish dump at Gunung Lanno

    Rubbish Dump At Gunung Lanno

    The article on waste management in the last issue of Ipoh Echo, 215, mentioned 1629 illegal dumpsites. I wonder if the rubbish dump at Gunung Lanno is a legal one. I first noticed ...read more

  • MBI Dress Code

    MBI Dress Code

      I refer to a report in the net media that Eunice Chai has been refused entry to the MBI because she wore a sleeveless dress. It seems Ipoh City Council has imposed a dress ...read more

  • Inculcating a Reading Culture

    Inculcating A Reading Culture

      The month of July has been declared a reading month. Those with a penchant for reading  look forward enthusiastically to acquire more reading materials to enhance thei...read more

  • Proposal to MBI Regarding Strays

    Proposal To MBI Regarding Strays

    In and around Ipoh there are many independent animal rescuers taking care of stray cats and dogs. They are trapping, treating, fee...read more

  • Dengue Menace

    Dengue Menace

      Although dengue is still a number one public health threat, it is heartening to note that the dengue fatality rate is somewhat declining overall for the country. With the c...read more

  • Astro, Please Terminate My Account

    Astro, Please Terminate My Account

      I have two Astro smart cards, one still under contract and one is an old smart card taken in 2012. I have requested for t...read more

  • Caves of Kinta Valley

    Caves Of Kinta Valley

    A few comments on the Caves of Kinta Valley article in IE212... Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre – this cave temple used to be known as Nam Loong Ngam and it has old wooden str...read more

  • Dress Code Confusing

    Dress Code Confusing

    It is alarming to note that a security guard can turn away a lady who is well dressed. What explanation is the Mayor going to give. An explanation by the Mayor or the Public Relati...read more

  • Price Difference in Pharmacies

    Price Difference In Pharmacies

      In good faith, I am offended with your author’s (A. Jeyaraj) article in issue 211 (May 1-15, 2015). As owner of one of the pharmacies mentioned by him, it’s ha...read more

  • Forgive and Forget

    Forgive And Forget

    The Taman Medan incident where the perpetrators forced  Christian believers to remove the cross is an ugly sight in the eyes of our laws. No person with a good frame of mind w...read more

  • GST


      The long waited GST finally rolled out in April this year. It had initially caused inconvenience to traders especially those in grocery, hardware and Chinese medical shops....read more

  • Ruth's Regrets

    Ruth's Regrets

      In her interview with the Sunday Mail (March 29) Ruth Iversen Rollit said, “When I go back to Ipoh now I weep.” Ruth is the daughter of Berthel Iversen, arguab...read more

  • Ipoh Railway Station

    Ipoh Railway Station

      One of the popular tourists attractions in Ipoh happens to be the Ipoh KTM station which serves as the main railway terminal for the state of Perak. This building which fea...read more

  • Waste Not, Want Not

    Waste Not, Want Not

      Recently, having attended a talk on solid waste management, it made me realise that many of us are unaware of the importance of recycling. On the average we throw away 1.6...read more

  • Passing of a Great Leader

    Passing Of A Great Leader

      The demise of Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, at the age of 84, is a huge loss not only for Kelantan but the whole nation. He succumbed to prostate cancer on February 1...read more

  • 2015 Prestige Power

    2015 Prestige Power

    The purpose of writing this is to encourage people to do charity and also to satisfy my own ego. Ego can be a very powerful push factor for achieving success. But it also can be v...read more

  • Flood Management Education Needed

    Flood Management Education Needed

    The beginning of 2015 has been plagued by the flood crisis with the next step to reconstruct the basic infrastructures like school...read more

  • Trees at Meru Golf Resort

    Trees At Meru Golf Resort

      We refer to Jose Voo’s letter re the cutting of trees in Meru Golf Resort in IE204. We would like to clarify on two points. The first is that we are not cutting down ...read more

  • Name Change a Sign of Change

    Name Change A Sign Of Change

    The re-naming of major roads in the federal capital, Kuala Lumpur, has attracted many comments and remarks from Malaysians. Jalan Duta is now Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim, Batu Road ha...read more

  • Stop Cutting Trees

    Stop Cutting Trees

    Years back, Meru Golf & Country Resort in Ipoh was a very nice valley with natural surroundings and atmosphere. Just look at this picture how trees are being cut down by the ma...read more