• Multi-ethnic Civil Service

    Multi-ethnic Civil Service

      Now that Perak has a new government, the need for a real work to reform, specially the federal and state civil service is anticipated by all Perakians. Generally, the civi...read more

  • Saintly MBs?

    Saintly MBs?

      When Tun Dr M was willing to give up the finance portfolio as PM to avoid risk of conflict of interest and abuse of power he set a lofty benchmark. Sadly, all the Pakatan H...read more

  • Ipoh a Rubbish City?

    Ipoh A Rubbish City?

      Ipoh was once the cleanest town in the country, but I can’t say the same now, as rubbish is found everywhere. Sadly, no one seems to care. Rubbish that is left in fr...read more

  • Help Needed for Rare Disease

    Help Needed For Rare Disease

      I would like to inquire whether there is an association to help children with rare diseases as I’m looking for a charity organisation that can help an 18-year-old boy...read more

  • Flash Floods

    Flash Floods

      Recently, while I was driving in Ipoh town, I received a shock of my life, when I experienced a flash flood. Flash floods have never happened previously. These days it happ...read more

  • "Honourable" or "Serving"?

    "Honourable" Or "Serving"?

      Soon all of us would know who is our elected representative of our respective areas. I noticed that for the 14th General Election on May 9, many aspiring candidates have be...read more

  • Thanks


    TQVM. May I take this opportunity to thank Ipoh Echo Editor and team for a fantastic community newspaper. Your features are fun and very informative. My family and friends visited ...read more

  • MyBas Service in Medan Kidd

    MyBas Service In Medan Kidd

      I am a regular user of the MyBas bus service in Medan Kidd and would like to bring forward to your attention about the wanton wastage of fuel by these buses. At any one tim...read more

  • Vacant Houses @ Tiger Lane

    Vacant Houses @ Tiger Lane

    These abandoned houses used to be the homes of expatriates who have left their property, rendering it stagnant since a very long time ago. We have been staying in this house for ov...read more

  • Can Someone Help These Boys?

    Can Someone Help These Boys?

      I had been visiting Ipoh since 2015, for a few weeks every few months, and I find it very lovely. However, I keep seeing these three underaged boys wandering around the cit...read more

  • Road Safety

    Road Safety

      Road Safety Department of Malaysia (JKJR) and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) should emphasize road safety since the number of road fatalities ...read more

  • Ipoh City Council's Response

    Ipoh City Council's Response

      I refer to Ipoh Echo’s report titled, “Animals Poorly Treated” on page 7 of Issue 260 (dated June 16-30). Though outwardly the ostriches and the deer may ...read more

  • Help Finding Room-mate from England

    Help Finding Room-mate From England

    I am writing to you to ask for your help in finding an old room-mate, Alan Tan. I shared a room with Alan back in 1979/80 in a hou...read more

  • Breach of Security at Retention Pond

    Breach Of Security At Retention Pond

    During my evening walks along Sungai Pari bund I pass by the retention pond in Merdeka Garden. There are sign boards saying &ldquo...read more

  • Help Needed to Contact

    Help Needed To Contact

    I am trying to contact a relative, Mr Choong Tian Chuan and read about him in your newspaper’s story http://www.ipohecho.com.my/v2/2010/11/01/seventy-five-years-of-tin-miners...read more