• Help Finding Room-mate from England

    Help Finding Room-mate From England

    I am writing to you to ask for your help in finding an old room-mate, Alan Tan. I shared a room with Alan back in 1979/80 in a hou...read more

  • Breach of Security at Retention Pond

    Breach Of Security At Retention Pond

    During my evening walks along Sungai Pari bund I pass by the retention pond in Merdeka Garden. There are sign boards saying &ldquo...read more

  • Help Needed to Contact

    Help Needed To Contact

    I am trying to contact a relative, Mr Choong Tian Chuan and read about him in your newspaper’s story http://www.ipohecho.com.my/v2/2010/11/01/seventy-five-years-of-tin-miners...read more

  • Dignity in Mental Health

    Dignity In Mental Health

      This year the World Federation for Mental Health has chosen ‘Dignity in Mental Health’ as the theme for World Mental Health Day on October 10. With this year's ...read more

  • UniShortList


    Greetings to everyone, We are currently running an education project named UniShortList to provide a one-stop education advisory and consultation service to prospective students w...read more

  • A Lack of Foresight

    A Lack Of Foresight

      Before the renovation of KTM Square there were many trees around Ipoh’s iconic railway station. Now it is barren. Thus the tagline about Ipoh being green and developi...read more

  • What Are The Pull Factors?

    What Are The Pull Factors?

      I refer to your cover story in Ipoh Echo Issue 217 ‘Ipoh Gateway or Obstacle Course’. I have an entirely different viewpoint on the subject matter. My question...read more

  • Spirit of Patriotism

    Spirit Of Patriotism

      The spirit of patriotism must be kindled in the hearts of Malaysians. Our first response is to defend the country from all forms of threats, from within and without. The se...read more

  • Grateful Malaysians

    Grateful Malaysians

      Malaysians of Muslim faith celebrated Hari Raya Puasa, after fasting for a month. This is a very special occasion whereby the Muslim held open houses and welcomed their non...read more

  • Rubbish dump at Gunung Lanno

    Rubbish Dump At Gunung Lanno

    The article on waste management in the last issue of Ipoh Echo, 215, mentioned 1629 illegal dumpsites. I wonder if the rubbish dump at Gunung Lanno is a legal one. I first noticed ...read more

  • MBI Dress Code

    MBI Dress Code

      I refer to a report in the net media that Eunice Chai has been refused entry to the MBI because she wore a sleeveless dress. It seems Ipoh City Council has imposed a dress ...read more

  • Inculcating a Reading Culture

    Inculcating A Reading Culture

      The month of July has been declared a reading month. Those with a penchant for reading  look forward enthusiastically to acquire more reading materials to enhance thei...read more

  • Proposal to MBI Regarding Strays

    Proposal To MBI Regarding Strays

    In and around Ipoh there are many independent animal rescuers taking care of stray cats and dogs. They are trapping, treating, fee...read more

  • Dengue Menace

    Dengue Menace

      Although dengue is still a number one public health threat, it is heartening to note that the dengue fatality rate is somewhat declining overall for the country. With the c...read more

  • Menara Condong Teluk Intan should have a clear view

    Menara Condong Teluk Intan Should Have A Clear View

    Although many Teluk Intan people had objected many times to MPTI for issuing licences to erect tents or stalls at the vicinity of ...read more

  • Caves of Kinta Valley

    Caves Of Kinta Valley

    A few comments on the Caves of Kinta Valley article in IE212... Thrangu Dharma Retreat Centre – this cave temple used to be known as Nam Loong Ngam and it has old wooden str...read more

  • Dress Code Confusing

    Dress Code Confusing

    It is alarming to note that a security guard can turn away a lady who is well dressed. What explanation is the Mayor going to give. An explanation by the Mayor or the Public Relati...read more

  • Price Difference in Pharmacies

    Price Difference In Pharmacies

      In good faith, I am offended with your author’s (A. Jeyaraj) article in issue 211 (May 1-15, 2015). As owner of one of the pharmacies mentioned by him, it’s ha...read more

  • Forgive and Forget

    Forgive And Forget

    The Taman Medan incident where the perpetrators forced  Christian believers to remove the cross is an ugly sight in the eyes of our laws. No person with a good frame of mind w...read more

  • GST


      The long waited GST finally rolled out in April this year. It had initially caused inconvenience to traders especially those in grocery, hardware and Chinese medical shops....read more

  • Han Chin Pet Soo – On the Crest of a Wave

    Han Chin Pet Soo – On The Crest Of A Wave

      I write this to thank you for your fantastic coverage of our museum-quality exhibition at Han Chin Pet Soo, the Hakka Mine...read more

  • Ipoh Railway Station

    Ipoh Railway Station

      One of the popular tourists attractions in Ipoh happens to be the Ipoh KTM station which serves as the main railway terminal for the state of Perak. This building which fea...read more

  • Waste Not, Want Not

    Waste Not, Want Not

      Recently, having attended a talk on solid waste management, it made me realise that many of us are unaware of the importance of recycling. On the average we throw away 1.6...read more

  • Speed Bumps Needed

    Speed Bumps Needed

        Speed bumps are often requested because they are perceived as a quick and effective solution to speeding. They are intended to be uncomfortable to drive over i...read more

  • 2015 Prestige Power

    2015 Prestige Power

    The purpose of writing this is to encourage people to do charity and also to satisfy my own ego. Ego can be a very powerful push factor for achieving success. But it also can be v...read more

  • Flood Management Education Needed

    Flood Management Education Needed

    The beginning of 2015 has been plagued by the flood crisis with the next step to reconstruct the basic infrastructures like school...read more

  • Trees at Meru Golf Resort

    Trees At Meru Golf Resort

      We refer to Jose Voo’s letter re the cutting of trees in Meru Golf Resort in IE204. We would like to clarify on two points. The first is that we are not cutting down ...read more

  • Name Change a Sign of Change

    Name Change A Sign Of Change

    The re-naming of major roads in the federal capital, Kuala Lumpur, has attracted many comments and remarks from Malaysians. Jalan Duta is now Jalan Tuanku Abdul Halim, Batu Road ha...read more

  • Stop Cutting Trees

    Stop Cutting Trees

    Years back, Meru Golf & Country Resort in Ipoh was a very nice valley with natural surroundings and atmosphere. Just look at this picture how trees are being cut down by the ma...read more

  • First Class Address but Third Class Infrastructure

    First Class Address But Third Class Infrastructure

    Time and time again I have read with disdain that our local authorities have not paid heed to the warnings given in the past. Man...read more

  • Bullying


    Letters Last year, the Deputy Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahya had stated that one per cent of our population suffer from mental problems, with another 20 per cent havin...read more

  • Medan Kidd Bus Station

    Medan Kidd Bus Station

    The next day after reading the latest Ipoh Echo (issue 191) on the Medan Kidd Bus Station, I spent a half day observing the activities there. It was indeed not to my expectation. I...read more

  • Parking of Motorcycles

    Parking Of Motorcycles

    I wish to refer to the report entitled, “Malaysia a Shared Nation?” in Ipoh Echo Issue 191 in reference to the allotment of parking lots for motorcycles at SMK Anderson...read more

  • Rubbish Mars Ipoh's Murals

    Rubbish Mars Ipoh's Murals

    I recently visited the murals in Ipoh, in the back lane off Jalan Datuk Onn Jaafar. I found the paintings very interesting, covering a good selection of Malaysian culture, people a...read more

  • Take Pride in Your Work

    Take Pride In Your Work

    Complaints to Ipoh City Council seem to fall on deaf ears. Whatever complaints or queries that are sent to the council merely receive an acknowledgment stamp and that is as far as ...read more

  • One Brochure Too Many

    One Brochure Too Many

    Perak has plenty to offer visitors – white beaches, pristine jungles, exotic food and foremost, Ipoh’s many colonial-era buildings. They will be spoilt for choice. Tou...read more