• Road Safety

    Road Safety

      Road Safety Department of Malaysia (JKJR) and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) should emphasize road safety since the number of road fatalities ...read more

  • Ipoh City Council's Response

    Ipoh City Council's Response

      I refer to Ipoh Echo’s report titled, “Animals Poorly Treated” on page 7 of Issue 260 (dated June 16-30). Though outwardly the ostriches and the deer may ...read more

  • Keeping Our Children Safe on Escalators

    Keeping Our Children Safe On Escalators

    The recent event of a two-year-old child whose fingers were stuck in an escalator comb plate at a shopping mall highlights an ongo...read more

  • 2017 New Year Message from Sharpened Word

    2017 New Year Message From Sharpened Word

      First of all, a happy new year to all, on behalf of Sharpened Word! The year 2016 has been a memorable first year for SW ...read more

  • Kindest Act of All

    Kindest Act Of All

    The Perak Turf Club held the annual presentation ceremony of giving donations to 52 charitable homes and organisations on November 13 at its premises. These presentation of donati...read more

  • Neighbour's House Abandoned

    Neighbour's House Abandoned

    I am writing this email in the hopes that someone could give us a solution to our problem.  The house at the back of our house is abandoned and the whereabouts of the owner i...read more

  • My Mistake in Not Selling

    My Mistake In Not Selling

      As I said before, no share can go up or go down indefinitely for whatever reasons. When it is up, you must sell some so that you have money to buy when it is down. My bigge...read more

  • Cruelty to Animals

    Cruelty To Animals

      Animal lovers in the country welcome the Taiping Magistrate court’s decision to fine an unemployed women for neglecting her female pet Rottweiler dog (NST February 4)...read more

  • World Wetlands Day 2016

    World Wetlands Day 2016

    World Wetlands Day is celebrated every year on February 2, commemorating the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands in 1971 in the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspi...read more

  • A Mother's Plight

    A Mother's Plight

      Indira Gandhi’s case should have been decided as any other contentious family matter and should have been resolved a long ago. The principle of the best interest of t...read more

  • Matang Mangrove Forest Land Issue

    Matang Mangrove Forest Land Issue

    After my open letter to Perak Chief Minister Zambry Abdul Kadir on the Matang mangrove forest, I was informed by the State Exco fo...read more

  • Rafflesia Soup

    Rafflesia Soup

      The article On Ipoh Food in Issue 225 of the Ipoh Echo refers to an unusual and rare soup made from Rafflesia. Despite the name this is probably a case of misidentification...read more

  • UniShortList


    Greetings to everyone, We are currently running an education project named UniShortList to provide a one-stop education advisory and consultation service to prospective students w...read more

  • A Lack of Foresight

    A Lack Of Foresight

      Before the renovation of KTM Square there were many trees around Ipoh’s iconic railway station. Now it is barren. Thus the tagline about Ipoh being green and developi...read more

  • More Questions than Answers

    More Questions Than Answers

      According to a World Health Organisation (WHO) report about half of the world’s population lives in areas where rabies is prevalent. Annually, about 50,000 people suc...read more

  • Illegal Immigrants

    Illegal Immigrants

      It is frightening to know that there are over three million illegal immigrants who have gained access into the country and moving freely in our midst. Despite frequent raid...read more

  • Heritage Taiping

    Heritage Taiping

      Taiping was declared a heritage town at the Perak State Executive Committee meeting (No: 1348) on September 8, 1999. Taiping is “a town of many firsts”. Howeve...read more

  • Suggestion Lauded

    Suggestion Lauded

      I welcome the suggestion of the Chief Judge of Sabah and Sarawak, Tan Sri Richard Malanium, that wildlife offenders should be jailed rather than fined, which is ineffective...read more

  • MBI Dress Code

    MBI Dress Code

      I refer to a report in the net media that Eunice Chai has been refused entry to the MBI because she wore a sleeveless dress. It seems Ipoh City Council has imposed a dress ...read more

  • Inculcating a Reading Culture

    Inculcating A Reading Culture

      The month of July has been declared a reading month. Those with a penchant for reading  look forward enthusiastically to acquire more reading materials to enhance thei...read more

  • Proposal to MBI Regarding Strays

    Proposal To MBI Regarding Strays

    In and around Ipoh there are many independent animal rescuers taking care of stray cats and dogs. They are trapping, treating, fee...read more

  • Dress Code Confusing

    Dress Code Confusing

    It is alarming to note that a security guard can turn away a lady who is well dressed. What explanation is the Mayor going to give. An explanation by the Mayor or the Public Relati...read more

  • Price Difference in Pharmacies

    Price Difference In Pharmacies

      In good faith, I am offended with your author’s (A. Jeyaraj) article in issue 211 (May 1-15, 2015). As owner of one of the pharmacies mentioned by him, it’s ha...read more

  • Forgive and Forget

    Forgive And Forget

    The Taman Medan incident where the perpetrators forced  Christian believers to remove the cross is an ugly sight in the eyes of our laws. No person with a good frame of mind w...read more

  • Ipohites Struggling to Protect Trees

    Ipohites Struggling To Protect Trees

    Protecting trees, especially those outside our gardens, is an uphill battle in this country. Right here in Ipoh, we can already wi...read more

  • Passing of a Great Leader

    Passing Of A Great Leader

      The demise of Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, at the age of 84, is a huge loss not only for Kelantan but the whole nation. He succumbed to prostate cancer on February 1...read more

  • 2015 Prestige Power

    2015 Prestige Power

    The purpose of writing this is to encourage people to do charity and also to satisfy my own ego. Ego can be a very powerful push factor for achieving success. But it also can be v...read more

  • Open Letter to Menteri Besar

    Open Letter To Menteri Besar

    Yang Amat Berhormat Dato’ Seri DiRaja, According to MMU Associate Professor, Tan Ching Seong, the way waste in Pangkor is handled is hazardous to the health of residents. Fr...read more

  • Ipoh Boleh!

    Ipoh Boleh!

    Despite the searing heat I decided it was better to get out and about than to mope around the house and steam in my grouses about all that’s wrong with Ipoh...Now don’t...read more

  • Mental Illness

    Mental Illness

    Mental illness is a silent killer that drains patients of their lives and capacity. Stress and mental illness affects the lives of many regardless of their age and profession. Thus...read more

  • Take Pride in Your Work

    Take Pride In Your Work

    Complaints to Ipoh City Council seem to fall on deaf ears. Whatever complaints or queries that are sent to the council merely receive an acknowledgment stamp and that is as far as ...read more

  • One Brochure Too Many

    One Brochure Too Many

    Perak has plenty to offer visitors – white beaches, pristine jungles, exotic food and foremost, Ipoh’s many colonial-era buildings. They will be spoilt for choice. Tou...read more

  • Incorrect Information

    Incorrect Information

    We refer to your article on page 7, of the Ipoh Echo 16-31 March, 2014 [Issue 185] with the heading, “Kevin Chandra – The Consummate Professional Bartender’ where...read more