Different Strokes for Different Folks – The Generation Gap

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By Ili Aqilah, Nantini Krishnan & Tan Mei Kuan
We are all human with similar physical characteristics but each of us is unique. Just like the saying, “Different strokes for different folks”, everyone has different goals, priorities and dreams. Ipoh Echo talked to a number of Perakeans from different generations to get insights on how they see the world. Given that each generation is characterised by different experiences that shape their perspectives and behaviour, we sought to uncover the generational differences in answers to a set of questions that Ipoh Echo sent its team of reporters to ask.
“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.” – Deepak Chopra

We met some of the baby boomers, those who were born between 1946 to 1964. Born after the World War II, baby boomers are so called because the birth rate around the world spiked up after the war. Ipoh Echo also chatted with those who were born between 1960s to early 80s, known as Generation X (Gen X) and is statistically the generation who received the best education system among all. Next came the sophisticated and technology-wise Generation Y (Gen Y), babies born in early 1980s to the early 2000s and of course the current generation, Generation Z (Gen Z) who will soon be the future leaders of the world. Do these generations share the same opinions? Ipoh Echo sat with them to find out.
1. How do you see your future in this country?
Baby Boomers: Half of the baby boomers think that the future is bleak due to poor leadership, poor management of scarce resources, intolerance, rising cost of living, and rising crime rate. The other half is not worried because they think that the future is bright as long as the status quo is maintained. Plus, there is still much potential left which has yet to be exploited and tapped. A 64-year-old full-time housewife told Ipoh Echo, “I am living my life one day at a time without thinking much about the future. However, things are progressing quickly and there is definitely hope for the future.”
Gen X: Generation X has mixed opinions on the future in this country, some see the current job market as unpromising and offering poor compensation, while others see it as an opportunity to create new markets. Below are the opinions of the respondents;
A:  I think this country would have a brighter future if corruption can be eliminated.
B: Malaysia is a wonderful place and there will never be another place to be called home. I might go overseas for a few years to gain some knowledge and wisdom, but I will certainly come back to my home.
C: The honest truth is that Malaysia is no place to build a career. Racism, racial inequality is the reason.
Gen Y:  Some of the older Gen Y have set their eyes into settling down and having their own family as most of them have already started working and have their own vehicles. They believe that now is the perfect time to enter a new chapter in life and start becoming adults. A different point of view emerged from the younger generation of Gen Y where they have not yet established a toehold on their careers or future. Most of the young Gen Y have just finished their tertiary level education and are entering the workplace and starting to hold bigger responsibilities such as paying for education loans and saving money for travelling.
Gen Z: Living as a successful adult with fancy cars and big houses were some of the answers given by the youngest generation upon answering the question. Although they can’t still figure what the future may hold, the majority of them agreed that Malaysia offered a bright future.
“I haven’t figured it out yet. But I will work hard to achieve my dream

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