Get to Know the Herbal Plants of Kledang Hill (20 Mar 2016)

March 20, 20168am to 10am
Meeting venue: Menglembu foothill near the fruit sellers and other few hawkers.
The activity will be led by a Chinese herbalist (Mr Lai) from Kuala Kangsar. Mr Lai was a headmaster. He is now a Chinese medical doctor giving voluntary medical services in one of the Chinese medical hospitals in Ipoh.
Please bring along a notebook, a pen, a hat, a towel and a bottle of water.Have your breakfast before you come. Put on comfortable walking shoes as the trail is up the slope.
Please bring a used plastic bag to collect rubbish along the trail. Cultivate a good habit to take care of our environment and keep it clean.
Everybody does his and her little part – bring your rubbish home and recycle before throwing the rubbish into the rubbish bin!
MNS members and non-members are welcome.
Coordinator: Lee Yuat Wah 017 577 5641 Email:

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