ipoh echo issue 141, Gua Tempurung

Gua Tempurung


 ipoh echo issue 141, Gua Tempurungipoh echo issue 141, Gua TempurungI visited Gua Tempurung on March 31 and was shocked at the amount of rubbish in the show cave. Considering it was a Saturday morning and only just the start of the weekend, I dread to think how much more rubbish would accumulate over the weekend. Maybe the rubbish bins have not been emptied for a while. But why are visitors allowed to dump their rubbish, mainly plastic bottles – in the cave. Also there are many broken shoes, and soles from shoes littering the cave. The other problem is visitors are given stickers denoting which tour they are on, but these stickers fall off and there are so many lying on the walkways. Not a good advert for Visit Perak Year 2012, or for Malaysian show caves.

Liz Price