Chinese New Year Cheer

Social Community Care in conjunction with Perak State Complaint and Service Bureau handed over Chinese New Year goodies to Lee Kam Seng of Kampung Paloh. Lee, a 61-year-old bachelor, is staying alone in a dilapidated house which may collapse at anytime. He was born in this house and his parents passed away some years ago.

Lee receives RM300 monthly from the Welfare Department and makes about RM100 by collecting and selling old newspapers and recyclable items. He finds it difficult to survive within this income. Luckily Lee has no health problems and is a vegetarian and cooks his own meals. He says he takes Chinese medicine to stay healthy. He has no relatives and no one visits him. He does not know what will happen when he becomes incapacitated and unable to look after himself.

Perak State Complaints and Service Bureau is discussing with the state government to provide Lee with free accommodation.

Well wishers who want to help him can send money to his bank account, BSN 0810041000135161. Contact no.: 016-536 6370.


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