Dangerous Stretch

Residents of Halaman Ampang Mewah in Gunung Rapat have voiced their concern over an unsafe stretch of road along Jalan Lebuh Wira Jaya Timur. Two schools, SRJK Wira Jaya and SMK Wira Jaya, are located in the vicinity. This particular stretch, measuring some 900 metres, besides being used by students also serves as a connecting road to the North-South Expressway and a short-cut to the city.

With the burgeoning traffic flow, residents fear that some untoward incidents may happen. The absence of signage and road-humps to warn and slow down the traffic is baffling. The stretch has attracted some very unwelcome guests, Mat Rempits. They come to perform their death-defying stunts during the evenings much to the horror of the residents.

The condition of the road was further aggravated when pipe-laying works by the Perak Water Board began some time ago. The shoddy resurfacing job makes it unsafe for those using the road. Potholes are beginning to appear. Minor accidents between vehicles are a common occurrence of late. A fatal accident is waiting to happen if no action is taken by the authorities.

Must a death occur before someone takes notice? This seems to be the question on most residents’ minds at the moment.

SH Ong

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