A Hug for Valentine’s Day

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day this year? While some of you were walking on beaches, having romantic candlelit dinners and spending time alone together with your loved ones, De Garden held a DG Chinese New Year Longest Hugging Competition.

A first of its kind for Ipoh, the event was coordinated by H Twenty Three Event MGMT together with sponsors Industree Production and Wedding And You. Twelve pairs of couples from ages 18 to 32 years registered to participate in the “Longest Hugging Valentine’s Day Competition” but only 11 pairs were present.

Couples were briefed on the rules and regulations before the competition started. They were not allowed any drinks, rests or even toilet breaks during the competition. They were to hug each other, standing on a 2×2 feet area which was designated for each couple. They were to remain in that spot until the end of the competition.

The competition started at 12.20pm with the organizer creating a warm and romantic atmosphere by inviting Music King Association’s singers to go on stage and sing some love songs. As some couples sang along, a couple showed their affection by kissing.

To make the competition a more memorable one, the organizers added to the intensity by degrees. Contestants had to continue hugging with only one foot standing. Towards the end of the competition, the competition became even more challenging. The men had to carry their partners as the ladies’ feet were not allowed to touch the floor. One could see how much fun the contestants were having by the looks on their faces.

After four and a half hours, only two couples were left standing. They persevered bravely as audiences cheered for them. In the final eight minutes of the competition, one couple finally gave up due to exhaustion and the winners Chau Pui Seng and Tham Qian went home with the cash prize of RM888 sponsored by De Garden as well as a Valentine’s Day dinner voucher sponsored by Ninja Jones Japanese Restaurant, together with the title of the first “Hugging Contest Winners” at De Garden.

Susan Ho

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