Kaying Cuisine

The Ladies Section of the Kaying Association cooked up a storm two weeks before the arrival of the Snake Year of the upcoming Chinese New Year on February 10.

(6th from left) Chairwoman Yip of the Ladies Section, Kaying Association

The association ladies had prepared eight auspicious and typically traditional Hakka dishes and brought it to the association as part of their activities before the New Year.

Eight traditional Hakka dishes

The Chairwoman of the section, Madame Yip Chai Foong said that another reason for preparing these dishes was to remind the next generation that these dishes are “very traditional and specific to the Hakka community with the hope that they will never become extinct”.

(l-r, 1st photo) Auspicious ‘hee hee har har’ prawn dish. 3rd photo with Dato Hew Choy Kon Association Deputy President.

Each of the dishes came attached with the recipe. After all explanations were exchanged it was time for lunch. My pick was number 3 – pig trotters with loh bak in rice wine.

‘Kung Hei Fatt Choy’


To preserve these traditional Hakka dishes, it is hoped that Ipoh Echo will be allowed to reprint some of the recipes.

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