Disabled Army Veterans Feted

A former sergeant with the Royal Malay Regiment recalled a painful incident during an operation in the Gubir jungles of Kedah in the late 1970s. “It was sometime in 1979. My battalion was on a search and destroy mission. Our platoon was atop a mountain when we received orders to do a sweep along a ridge. It was during the sweep that I stepped on a bobby trap laid by terrorists on a track which we had taken,” said retired Sergeant Abdul Jalil Sahli, 58, to Ipoh Echo. “I lost my left foot, as a result. In spite of the loss, I continued in the army until my retirement in 1995.”

Sergeant Abdul Jalil was among a group of 84 disabled army veterans who were feted at a ceremony held in their honour on the occasion of HQ 2 Brigade’s 58th Anniversary. The Ipoh-based infantry brigade has been celebrating its formation day in September of each year. And each time the event is held, former soldiers are invited to attend as a form of recognition for their services to the army.

Brig-Gen Dato’ Md Dzahir Abd Rashid and senior officers of the brigade were on hand to entertain the invitees. The ceremony was held at the brigade headquarters mess hall. Dzahir thanked the retirees and reminded them that their sacrifices to King and Country were not forgotten.

Each received a RM500 cash donation. “It’s the brigade’s way of thanking these veterans for their services,” said the brigade commander to Ipoh Echo.


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