Khazanah Health Fund

Pantai Hospital Ipoh organised a high tea to thank patients, doctors and non-governmental organisations and the hospital’s major beneficiaries of its many CSR (community-service responsibility) initiatives, for their continued support.

Financial assistance for the hospital’s many CSR projects is made possible through the newly-incepted Khazanah Health Fund, launched in July last year. To date over 170 medical cases were referred to the Pantai chain of hospitals throughout the country.

The fund has helped treat those suffering from a wide variety of medical conditions, including cleft lip and palate, cataract, breast cancer and heart diseases. Angiograms and mastectomies are some of the operations performed.

Potential recipients have to fulfil certain criteria and are required to undergo a thorough vetting process before being recommended for coverage by the health fund. Applications are managed by selected non-governmental organisations, which act as third-party referrals.

Cancer treatment, according to resident consultant medical oncologist, Dr Mohd Syahizul Nuhairy, costs anything between RM20,000 to RM60,000. “The fund provides patients with a second chance in life. It provides them hope, above all,” he said.

Dr Chan Chong Guan, a consultant cardiologist, echoed Dr Mohd Syahizul’s sentiments and went on to say that it makes a doctor’s life more rewarding to see these needy patients getting medical treatments they could barely afford.

The Khazanah Health Fund has benefited some 62 people. Over RM1.2 million worth of medical treatments and services have been expended on them. It will continue to dispense funds until current monetary resources are exhausted.


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