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I have practiced Yoga on and off throughout my life and when I moved to Ipoh, I thought I would do the same and set about looking for a yoga class to join. My research took me to a few places where to my horror, I found myself attempting to get into contortions that only an acrobat can perform! Adding to my sense of inadequacy was the fact that all the other ladies in the class (my ego salve was to say that they were all much younger and therefore more flexible than me)  were following the teacher with consummate ease, giving me no choice but to beat a sharp retreat and never to set foot in a yoga class in Ipoh again.

Now help is at hand for creaky bodies like mine in this bright new year as a new Yoga studio has opened up in Ipoh Garden East. Called Mindfulness Yoga, the studio is founded by Yeshe Dolma, an Ipoh girl who has returned to her roots after studying and working in Singapore. A committed Buddhist, Yeshe is passionate about her vocation, having given up a lucrative career in Singapore to become a Yoga teacher.

“My philosophy is to bring about the healing and therapeutic effects of yoga for the healing of our body, mind and spirit as well as to help create personal transformation in our lives.  Therefore, my approach is to offer students an environment and practices which nurtures, nourishes, induces relaxation, helps relieve stress and at the same time helps in the development of spiritual qualities like love, understanding, peace, joy, equanimity, etc.  We will slowly and gradually learn to soften the barriers that separate us from other human beings, the animal kingdom, the plant and mineral kingdom.”

Her classes are gentle, incorporating breathing into every move and mindfulness into every twist and turn. No acrobatics or contortions here, no competitiveness; only the process of listening to one’s body as you ease yourself into a posture to the degree that the body will allow.

Having taken one of Yeshe’s classes, I can certainly vouch for the gentleness of the class. I felt totally relaxed, refreshed and energised after the one and a half hours, unlike going to a gym where I’d be drained and fatigued and aching in all my muscles and joints. This is a class I can recommend for those with joint or mobility problems, and for those looking for a less strenuous form of exercise.

Yeshe is qualified as an instructor with Master Mani Sekaran of Yoga Franchise and endorsed by Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI).

Currently classes are held on Wednesday nights 7pm to 8pm and Thursday mornings 9am to 10am. More classes are being scheduled according to demand. One hour class is RM50 for 4 lessons, 1½ hours is RM60 for 4 lessons. Private classes are available at RM100 for 1 hour and RM150 for 1½ hours for each session.

For more information, contact: Mindfulness Yoga Studio, 64A Laluan Perajurit 1, Ipoh Garden East, 31400 Ipoh. Yeshe: 012 500 5540.

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