Sharing Anna’s Dream

On Friday, January 3, SMJK Yuk Choy welcomed Anna Grechishkina, 34, a Ukrainian woman who is embarking on a 2-year solo world tour on her KTM Superbike. Her tour is being sponsored and supported by the National Association of Motorcyclists of Ukraine and Plast – the National Scout Organisation of Ukraine. Her feat, aptly titled “I Have A Dream”, is aimed at promoting Ukraine and to highlight the cultural and social problems of children in disadvantaged regions of her country.

During Anna’s stopover at the school she briefed students on her experiences and adventures while biking through Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. The moral of her stories is simple – with determination one can achieve anything one sets out to do.

Anna who is the first lady in Ukraine who made “SaddleSore 1000” standard – 1900 km covered on motorcycle in 24 hours, said, “A positive mindset would better enhance chances of receiving positive results.”

Principal Chan Hen Huen was very appreciative of Anna’s efforts to inspire his students. He thanked former Parents and Teachers Association President, Jason W.K. Yong, for bringing the biker to the school and to share her invaluable experiences with them.

Anna, who is also the head of the Social Sector of the National Association of Motorcyclists of Ukraine and founder of the social project MotoSave, started her trip on July 27, 2013. After Malaysia, she will journey through Australia, the Americas, Africa and finally Europe. Anna is expected to cross the borders of over 50 countries. In most of these countries, meetings and social events with disadvantaged children and youths will be arranged for her benefit.

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