Contractor Creating Illegal Dumpsite

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By A. Jeyaraj

There is a big piece of vacant land between the retention pond in Merdeka Garden and Dr Megat Khas School. Contractors have started to dump construction material on this land. The garbage consists of broken roof tiles and concrete waste from house renovations. When I went to the site to take photos before sending out the article, I noticed that a big pile of tree branches had been dumped. Residents would not be throwing this type of garbage.

This piece of land is out of the way and even most residents are not aware of its existence. The most likely culprits are the contractors involved in the construction of the pond. This menace must be stopped immediately before this site becomes a full-fledged dumping ground. MBI must catch the culprits and punish them and also make them clean the place.

Prior to construction of the pond, there were many trees and undergrowth of bushes in this locality. This was nesting ground for birds, squirrels, iguanas and other reptiles. It had its own ecological system. This has been wilfully destroyed.

The people responsible for cutting the trees must be made to replant them. I only see trees being cut down with no replanting. MBI must consider converting this area and the adjacent vacant plot into a mini park. It is an ideal location for a park.

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