Abolish Fare Discount for Senior Citizens and OKU?

Starting this coming April, Perak Transit has cancelled the issuing of discount cards for the above. A spokesman from the company said that their buses are operating at a loss due to this plan, and also the compulsory minimum salary scheme since last January.

We hope SPAD will look into this matter. Bus companies making losses is due to poor management: running the buses without schedules, rude drivers and rejecting feedback from passengers. I have observed often times, buses running on the road with only five passengers!

It is hoped that the company will continue to give discounts to the poor jobless senior citizens who are travelling only once a week to go home or seek medical treatment, while those senior citizens who use the bus daily for work should pay the full amount, as they have a source of income. Just the few of us jobless seniors will surely not have any impact on the company’s earnings.

Chris Ng

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