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Deen Burger Bakar, Taiwanese Snack & Tittle Tattle Houzz

Deen Burger Bakar

Pictures of burgers from a particular stall have been circulating on Facebook recently. Deen Burger Bakar, located at GP Food Court in First Garden and Kampung Manjoi have attracted a lot of youths with their signature 12-storey high beef or chicken tower burger.

Calven Chik and Nurul Faiszah are partners of Deen Burger Bakar. Calven Chik is a food lover and he enjoys travelling in search of good food. He came across Burger Bakar in Tampin one day and thought that the burgers were different than other burger stalls. They served juicy and tender beef patties at an affordable price. After enquiring about the business opportunity, he then went to Tampin for training before opening this stall.

From all the comments and suggestions from friends, I decided to drive to First Garden to give it a try. I ordered the Tasty and Mozarella Burger. In approximately 10 minutes, my dinner was served. The burgers were grilled using charcoal. The drive to First Garden was worth the time.

After my meal, Calven was making an 8-storey tower chicken burger for a group of customers. I had the chance to witness the process of stacking up the tower. First, he fried the chicken chops to perfection, stacked them up a piece at a time, applying sauce in between. After the 5th layer, he had to apply some sticks to support the burger and keep it in place. He then explained that it was much harder to stack up chicken burgers than beef patties due to the unevenness of the chicken chops. It is hard work and a big challenge to stack up a 12-storey tower. It takes a lot of patience because it takes a longer time to grill chicken or beef patties to stack up perfectly for tower burgers.

Calven mentions that he is also surprised to see people who could finish a tower burger on their own. He wouldn’t be able to finish a burger with that many patties at one go no matter how big an eater he is.

Deen Burger Bakar offers Cheese Burger, Buzz Burger, Boil Burger, Black Pepper Burger, Deli Burger, Tasty Burger, U.F.O Burger, Mozarella Burger, Double Trouble Burger and Tower Burger in either Beef or Chicken. They even offer meatballs. The burger comes with a sausage and a can of soft drink at additional RM2. Add-ons such as French Fries, Patties and toppings are available at additional charges.

UOB Wine Tasting

UOB Bank hosted a wine tasting recently at its Privilege Banking premises featuring wines from  Prestigious Wines Sdn Bhd where owner Jimmy Wee gave an interesting talk to members of the Ipoh Wine and Food Society (IWFS). Wines featured were French, Italian and two light and fruity German wines which are hard to find in Ipoh. Prices for the wines ranged from RM68 to RM190. A particular favourite amongst  those present was the Amarone Della Valpolicella. President of IWFS Lee Nyit Fee was thrilled that UOB was taking the initiative to host this function and congratulated Catherine Chan Suit Ling, VP and Team Head of UOB’s Privilege Banking, Ipoh, encouraging her to continue to make this a regular affair.

Check out Prestigious Wines at: Jimmy Wee 016 202 4264.


Taiwanese Snack Item Gains Favour in Ipoh

They’ve been popping up all over Malaysia and Scallop-Q, a Taiwan-based brand which started in 2011, is gaining favour amongst snackers in Ipoh. Now in Aeon Kinta City, Scallop-Q serves grilled large scallops from Hokkaido, Japan. With a total of 11 flavours like Thai sauce, Teriyaki, Wasabi pepper, American black pepper, sea salt, etc., one is spoilt for choice. However, at RM5.80 per stick with 4-5 pieces of scallops each, its a great snack to nibble on but certainly too expensive for a full meal.


Tittle Tattle Houzz

Tittle Tattle Houzz is a place of sheer whimsy. The creative genius behind  it is Genie Hor, a graphic designer who returned to Ipoh after more than 13 years in Kuala Lumpur and missing Ipoh, decided to return and open Tittle Tattle Houzz in March this year.

Tittle Tattle Houzz

Genie then poured her love of eating and cooking and her design background into her project. She has been cooking for years since her college days and she challenged herself to create a place to share the goodness of her home cooked food, together with her mom’s great baking, for others to enjoy.

Here at Tittle Tattle Houzz every piece of furniture, wall enhancements is designed to engage, and enthrall. From the wall to measure your height where you can write in your name and date the measurement was taken, to unique sofas, and chairs, wall decorations and interior which were created by old scrap that would make you go “wow”. Old wooden pallets are recycled into coffee tables and storage units and the air-conditioning units are all wrapped in newsprint. Decal Butterflies adorn the walls, a symbol of great meaning to Genie, reminding her that even the ugliest insects metamorphose into beautiful butterflies, an analogy she uses for people.

Tittle Tattle Houzz

TT Houzz has a homely theme. It is a place for you to have a meal with your loved ones, with drink while having a heart-to-heart chat with friends. You could also enjoy something sweet with kids or read a book with your coffee. It’s mainly a place to relax and enjoy a good plate of pasta cooked just right (al dente), a pie or a sweet treat.

The specialty desserts of the cafe are the Tiramisu and Carrot Cake. As for savoury, it would be their home cook style pastas, homemade bread and anything with bacon. Everything they serve is healthily homemade, using fresh ingredients, without any processed or pre-cooked ingredients. Their menu changes every other week and special meals are served every weekend.

TT Houzz is run by Genie’s family. On weekdays, her parents and her youngest sister helps her in the cafe. On weekends, she will have her two elder sisters and a friend to help around. TT Houzz operates on Tuesdays to Sundays, 11am to 5pm.

Tittle Tattle Houzz
17, Jalan Medan Ipoh 3, Bandar Baru Medan.
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