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Something’s Brewing

by Susan Ho

Coffee, tea, pastries, snacks and light meals. This sounds like items you can find in a typical cafe. However, there is a different cafe in town. It doesn’t only serve the usual drinks and food but also 38 kinds of unusual loose-leaf teas. They serve Coconut Oolong tea, Chocolate Chai tea, Masala Chai tea, Vanilla Bean Black tea, Tangerine Ginger and a whole host of other exotic teas. For tea lovers, you need not fear being kept awake all night after consuming their tea for they serve caffeine-free tea too.

With cafes offering free Wi-Fi usage trending everywhere, Something’s Brewing is the first in Ipoh to provide super fast services.

Though some restaurants and cafes have been charging for Wi-Fi usage or providing free limited Wi?Fi to their customers, Something’s Brewing believes the internet is for the people. Something’s Brewing cafe provides fast, efficient and consistent internet speed to their customers.

Finding a perfect homely spot to camp out all day with tea refills, a variety of food and drinks while you work on your laptop is not easy. Something’s Brewing offers a place for those who need to escape from their cramped homes or those who have no office to get their work done. They welcome laptop users by providing a minimum of two power points for each table.

The owner, Vincent Ng, is an IT specialist from Australia and he makes sure the internet is always up and running. He was motivated to open a cafe which provides consistent internet speed after a series of bad experiences he had back here in Malaysia when his complaints were always being shrugged off by the various managers he encountered. His target customers are freelance videographers, photographers, designers, journalists and anyone who needs high speed internet facilities in a comfortable ambience with great refreshments thrown in.

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