Towards a Cleaner Environment

Mayor Dato’ Harun RawiIn conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2014, Ipoh City Council has started its own campaign for a cleaner Ipoh. At the city council’s full-board meeting on Monday, June 2, issues relating to tourism and illegal dumping were raised and discussed.

Rubbish dumping near touristic spots such as Ipoh’s heritage trail and the Medan Kidd bus station could have a negative impact on tourism. Empty lands around housing estates are also used as dumping sites for unwanted furniture and household rubbish.

Mayor Dato’ Harun Rawi said that the council would take appropriate measures to clear these illegal dumps. He urged the public to be on the look out for litterbugs and report them to the council for punitive actions. However, he was silent on past reports made in the media, especially in Ipoh Echo and complaints to the council’s website.

“We’re taking one step at a time,” he told reporters. “The public should work together with the council to ensure a rubbish-free environment.”

Besides keeping the city clean, the council plans to increase its greenery by embarking on a long-term plan to plant trees and flowering plants.


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