Medan Kidd Bus Station

The next day after reading the latest Ipoh Echo (issue 191) on the Medan Kidd Bus Station, I spent a half day observing the activities there. It was indeed not to my expectation. I took a bus to Bercham and back to Medan Kidd. The driver was collecting fares and at the same time driving. It was morning, with 80% bus load of people. The driver stopped at one makan stall in Bandar Baru and spent about 16 minutes taking breakfast. It took an hour and a half to and fro. The bus was again parked in the station for about 20 minutes. I also understand that on that day only two buses were operating that route.

I also noted that extra buses from Perak Transit running to the Klebang Chemor area had low loads. I just do not understand why extra buses are running as already three bus companies are providing bus services. These extra buses could cater to the Pasir Pinji or Kuen Woh Yuen area which has long been cancelled.

I noted also that no bus schedule was displayed in front of the counters, and the drivers run the buses as they like. Today the bus departed at 2pm, another driver the next day left the station at 2.15pm.

Another issue is the existence of dirty filthy stray dogs wandering in the waiting area causing discomfort to some people especially our Muslim friends.

It is hoped something will be done.

Chris Ng

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