Creating Awarenesson Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a social problem with which we are all too familiar. In fact, news about violence inflicted on women is so common that most have become numb by it.

Mindful of this, the Perak Women Empowerment and Development Council, with the collaboration of the Perak Women and Health Bureau, organised a forum recently to educate and create awareness in the public regarding domestic violence and its implications.

“We want women who suffer from domestic violence to stand up and fight back. It’s not their fault for getting beaten up. Domestic violence doesn’t affect women alone, it affects the family and society too. That’s why we need to educate the public that it’s everyone’s problem,” said Perak Women and Health Bureau Chairperson, Dr Sharifah Halimah Jaafar to Ipoh Echo.

“This forum is very informative because it not only tells why domestic violence occurs, it also deals with ways to help women who are victims,” said Rosilawati, 39, a staff nurse attached to the Ipoh General Hospital. Rosilawati comes across many such cases in her line of work at the hospital.

The event, held at the multi-purpose hall of the State Secretariat Building recently, saw community leaders, members of non-governmental organisations, civil servants and the public participating in a lively exchange of information.

One other problem commonly associated with victims of domestic violence is their reluctance to share their woes with others.

“Some choose not to report to the authorities for fear of losing face while others do so for some inexplicable reasons. Hopefully, this forum will help them find the answers they are looking for thus far,” exclaimed Sharifah.

The Perak Women Empowerment and Development Council under Dato’ Rusnah Kassim, the Executive Councillor for Women’s Affairs, will organise similar forums in other parts of the state in its effort to create awareness in the public domain.


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