Dogs Tortured to Death

Cruelty to animals is a bane of our society. We often hear and see dogs and cats being flayed for no apparent reasons other than them being a “nuisance”. How bad could these animals be? They, just like us, are on Mother Earth for a reason. It is so heart-wrenching to see man’s best friends being beaten and mistreated.

Ipoh Echo received an email from a concerned Ipohite recently about two dogs being tortured to death. The incidents took place in Buntong and Tasek. We contacted Elaine, an animal activist, who was present at the scene where one of the dogs was beaten to death with a wooden stick.

According to Elaine, she and a friend were travelling around the industrial area of Tasek when they came across three puppies in front of a factory. They decided to take them to an animal shelter.

“We came back the following day to look for the puppies but found that one was missing. After a brief search, we found it near a dead male dog. The puppy looked frightened. When we approached it, it kept on howling and yelping,” she said.

The dead dog was lying on its side with a stick beside it. Before leaving the scene, she took a few pictures and informed City Council of her finding. “I am shocked and angry at whoever was responsible for this barbaric act. Why take it out on an innocent animal? Don’t they have feelings?” she lamented.

The other case took place in Buntong where a canine was similarly killed for no rhyme or reason. The poor dog was splashed with acid and had suffered an agonising death.

Ipoh Echo urge members of the public to report to Ricky from the Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) at 016 550 6915 or to Dr Ranjit of Noah’s Ark at 019 556 8292 should they come across animal-abuse cases in their neighbourhood.


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