First Medal in Lifesaving for Malaysia

The Life Saving Society of Malaysia (LSSM) has brought glory to the country by emerging with a Silver Medal at the Lifesaving World Championships in Montpellier, Paris, France recently. The pair of Geh Cheow Chien from Penang and Wong Jun Jie from Ipoh came in second in the LINE THROW event with a time of 10.34 secs behind Team Australia with the time of 10.28 secs with Team Poland trailing in third place at 10.45 secs.

This is a historical win as it is the first medal in any international lifesaving championships for Malaysia and Perak should be especially proud of its Jun Jie as part of the winning team.

From September 17 till 28 this year, the fastest, strongest and the fittest lifesavers gathered in Montpellier, for RESCUE 2014. Over 3000 competitors from 46 countries competed for the right to become World Champion and also competing to improve their lifesaving skills. Held every two years, LSSM sent one men’s and one women’s team to this year’s prestigious event.

As the only Asian country to obtain a medal (Silver) in this competition for pool events and the first time Malaysia has a Silver medal in World Life Saving, LSSM is working to register the win under the Malaysia Book of Records.

Lifesaving Sport is the perfect combination between swimming and first aid. Originally from Australia, this is a sport in its own right that is characterised by the diversity of its events. Some of them take place in the pool while others are at sea with or without a boat. From swimming to kayaking, individual path to the relay, the obstacle course for towing models, everything is specially designed to fight against drowning.

With the win of the Silver Medal, it is hoped that the sport can gain wider acceptance in the country, especially in the school environment, and to prevent incidents of drowning in urban and rural communities. The team of 12, comprising four officials: Lim Chee Gay, Wong Wai Wai, Caroline Chan Choi Mee and Leong Siew Foong; and eight participants: Geh Cheow Chien, Wong Jun Jie, Yam Tze Jing, Lim Beng Liang, Mandy Yeap Mun Xin and Lim Ping Ru, hopes to see more people enrolling in lifesaving courses.

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