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Cleopatra was said to have slept with a magnet on her forehead to help preserve her youth,  and we all know that her beauty was renowned through history. Magnets stimulate circulation in the eye area, helping unblock the trapped fluid (water) to reduce puffiness, giving you a refreshed appearance all day long.

RëJeune has now developed an eye treatment that combines the power of magnets with the principles of acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine which allows their exclusive RëJeune cream to penetrate deep into the delicate area around the eyes and forehead.

According to acupuncture teachings, massage of these acupoints help to purge the meridian paths, clear them of any debris and obstructions, enhance blood and micro circulation around the eyes, reduce dark circles and prevent pigmentation. Coupled with RëJeune cream a potent cream which consists of Wild Dioscorea Extract, Evening Primrose Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Olive Squalane, White Grape Seed Extract, Rovisome Vitamin A,C,E, Plant Embryo Dynamic Tissues Extract, and Aromatic Essential Oil, this special eye treatment is now available at a promotional rate of RM688 for nine treatments. A trial session at RM88 is another option for those hesitant to take the first step. As the normal price is RM190 per session, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Being the usual curious explorer that I am, I opted to check out the treatments on offer. Not only does the treatment come with a facial cleanse and scrub but the application of the magnet was completely painless. My therapist varied the pressure, using a small pen-shaped magnet with a round tip no bigger than 1mm and stimulated all the pressure points around my eyes and forehead, going down to the cheekbone and paying special attention to the frown lines on either side. A mask was then applied around the eyes and the therapist then turned her attention to my arm where she applied the cream and began to work on my acupoints there. Apparently these points are part of the meridian system for the face and eyes.

Two treatments later and I had friends commenting about my face which looked brighter and clearer with the area around my eyes showing definite improvement. I can’t wait to complete the full course of nine sessions.

RëJeune is holding a promo at Tesco Ipoh Garden on October 27 to November 1, from 10am to 10pm. Free 15 minutes Meridian Hand & Shoulder treatment. Vouchers for the RM88 eye treatment can be collected at Tesco or walk in to a RëJeune shop. Come and experience the power of magnets!


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