Service above Self – The Fairview Way

Living up to this notion, Fairview International School (FIS) Ipoh once again did its bit to spread the Christmas spirit by organising a fundraising drive.

Rumah Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Cacat, Batu Gajah which currently hosts 46 handicapped individuals who suffer from cerebral epilepsy, hip dislocation, severe mental retardation, speech disabilities and autism, was picked to be part of Fairview’s Christmas Charity Project 2014.

Michele Lum, Acting Head of the FIS Ipoh campus, explained why she chose this charity. “The home cares for handicapped adults and children by teaching them practical life skills. They’re not only in dire need for household items such as kitchen utensils and sofa cover sets but also money to pay for their utilities. As such, FIS Ipoh is doing its bit by organising a Christmas fundraising drive.”

She continued, “Our students sold pastries and cookies as well as handmade T-shirts and tote bags during break time. After school, the grounds were decorated with game stalls while the air was filled with Christmas carols performed by our very own Fairviewan carollers. The students also organised the Hang-Your-Wish-On-The-Christmas-Tree programme where wishing cards were sold for a token fee of RM2 to RM3.”

Michele felt that values are best learnt when students are challenged by a practical problem in our society. Good values, she reasoned, are at the core of education and must be experienced as part of the daily school routine.

Donations collected will be handed over to Rumah Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Cacat, Batu Gajah on Friday, December 19.


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