Free Aerobic Session at Polo Ground


Things are hotting up at Polo Ground on weekends, now that Ipoh City Council is conducting free aerobic sessions. The once staid place for jogging, walking, tai-chi and the run-of-the-mill types of exercises, saw some new action when certified aerobic dancers began the training session at 7.30am with limbering-up exercises recently. The loud and upbeat songs from the loudspeakers drew the attention of the crowd and soon people began to gather. They tried to follow the steps of the instructors. Some fumbled while some struggled on cautiously. It will take time and a certain measure of determination to excel. But no one complained.

With the sole purpose of promoting a healthy lifestyle, the Council hopes more people would participate. For some, this is the only time they get to sweat it out and to spend quality time with their friends and loved ones.

“The steps are easy to follow and the most important thing is, my kids are having fun doing them”, said Lim, 34, who joined the aerobic session last year.

The Council’s and other public agencies’ teams take turns conducting the free aerobic session at the Polo Ground. Children, teenagers, adults and even senior citizens are enjoying the hour-long workout session every Saturday and Sunday.

Ili Aqilah

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