Launching of WeCare Cancer Society

WeCare Cancer Society started off with only 20 members as a breast cancer support group and currently have 45 active members to date.

With the initiative of a group of proactive cancer survivors together with Dr Chan Ching Phing, the WeCare Cancer Society is now registered with the Registrar of Societies.

The aim of the society  is firstly, to provide early and long term support to all cancer patients and their family members. Secondly to cultivate sharing and developing a caring attitude and thirdly to educate and create awareness amongst cancer patients and the public.

WeCare Cancer Society was launched by Hospital Fatimah’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Lim Chie Kean. A total of 50 breast cancer patients received prostheses consisting of 2 bras and 1 silicon prosthesis from the government through the National Population & Family Development Board (LPPKN). These women applied for the aid provided through the WeCare Cancer Society, which is a cancer support group based in Hospital Fatimah, Ipoh.

At present, the society has one counsellor with Dr Chan Ching Phing, a Consultant Surgeon at Hospital Fatimah, being the advisor to the society. They hope to identify and train more cancer survivors and volunteers who are interested to be trained as counsellors so that they can provide counselling and support to the newly diagnosed cancer patients and their family members.

With the Hospital Fatimah’s Wolfgang Cancer Centre, which comprises the Radiotherapy Unit and Chemotherapy Day Care, they hope to provide comfort and support to all patients who receive treatment here.

Last year the group organised a number of activities such as monthly sharing and caring amongst cancer survivors, health talks, exercises and physiotherapy sessions, handcraft- making, make-up sessions, cooking demonstrations and also a candle-light event in memory of loved ones who lost their lives to cancer.

Extra activities are planned for this year such as family trips and birthday celebrations of members as well as inviting speakers to talk on cancer diet and nutritional health talks .Annual membership is RM12. Currently the society depends on donations from public to run its activities.

Please contact WeCare Cancer Society at 05 548 9098 for more information.

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