Gua Tempurung and Saving the last tin dredge

Comments on IE 210

1. Gua Tempurung

The chambers dating back to approximately 10,000 years ago is totally inaccurate. They are more likely to have been there for 10 million years, maybe even 100 million years.

2. Saving the last tin dredge

Once again Jerry Francis has described the Tanjung Tualang dredge as the last dredge. It is not, there is still one in Selangor at Dengkil.

In IE 1 Aug 2013 Jerry also wrote it was the last dredge, and I posted a comment on the www correcting this. Prior to that in IE 131 (Nov 2011) Jerry again said it was the last dredge.

I enclose a photo of the Selangor dredge as proof! It can also be seen on Google Earth.

Liz Price

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