Class of ‘95

Main Convent, Ipoh (SMK Convent) received its special guests – students from the Class of ‘95 on Teachers’ Day May 17. The former students returned to the school to trace their footsteps and to reminisce and share their experiences after having left their alma mater 20 years ago. Memories began to flood in, as they caught up with one another.

Over the years, a handful had met up with some regularity but the May 17 gathering was by far the largest. The ex-students recalled their stint at Main Convent with pleasure and a great sense of pride.

The presence of Mrs Valerie Ho, their former principal, accentuated the significance. They huddled and recalled the past while regaling the present.

“We met last Raya celebration and agreed that it’d be nice if we could all meet again. I was tasked to organise this reunion. I took up the challenge and, with much gusto, the impossible was made possible. So here we are today celebrating our 20th anniversary,” said organiser, Syariza Mohd Odman to Ipoh Echo.

“Twenty eight turned up today and we’re mighty proud of this. Some from among us hold senior positions in the private and public sectors. Some are lawyers, teachers and successful businesswomen. Regardless of their positions, we’re the same. Status and stations have no bearing on our relationship,” she added.

“It’s amazing! They’re all pretty much as they were then,” exclaimed Rosmini Ramli, 37.

Twenty years have since passed, yet these students still have strong feelings for their alma mater and their camaraderie does not seem to diminish with time. The feeling of togetherness is something they will cherish and relish for a long time to come.


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