St Peter’s Church Pestaria Food Fair

Crowds thronged the Pestaria Food and Fun Fair held at St Peter’s Church, Fair Park on June 6. The fair was opened by the Anglican Bishop of West Malaysia, Datuk Ng Moon Hing who congratulated the church for raising funds for charity.  According to  Dr Teoh Soong Kee, the organising chairman, the church raised RM110,000 for the welfare of the Village Communities especially for the Orang Asli and the New Villages. A member of the public commented that our Food Fair had the largest variety of food. Most of the food were cooked by the church members themselves as they came from various ethnic groups such as Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Indonesians and Orang Asli. The food sold included Sarawak laksa, fried kueh teow, bak kut teh, lemang and ayam bakso, chicken rice, chicken burger, and nasi lemak.

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