Proposal to MBI Regarding Strays

In and around Ipoh there are many independent animal rescuers taking care of stray cats and dogs. They are trapping, treating, feeding and most importantly they are neutering them to stop the breeding process. These stray animals are then managed by the community feeders and they become community strays.

With dogs especially we find that complaints to MBI often result in the dogs being caught and taken elsewhere. In their effort to catch the nuisance dog the ‘managed dog’ gets caught too.

Noah’s Ark Ipoh Animal welfare practices TNR (trap/neuter/Release) and has been doing this since 2005. Neutered dogs are normally docile so they are easily caught. If MBI catches these managed dogs it defeats the purpose of our NGO’s continuous and difficult task to raise funds specifically for TNR. Noah’s Ark has come up with the idea that neutered dogs can be identified with a standard green fluorescent dog collar.

A proposal to MBI counsel secretary Tuan Mohd Zakuan Zakaria has been made asking him to refrain from catching these ‘managed’ dogs. These collared dogs are easily seen from a distance.

Noah’s Ark Ipoh Animal Welfare

To contact Noah’s Ark, call: Malika Ramiah Oates 017 575 1556 or Dr Ranjit Mendhir Kaur 019 556 8292.

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