Recycling Programme in Jelapang

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Ipoh City Watch, Rukun Tetangga Jelapang and the Perak Solid Waste Management and Public Cleanliness Corporation (SWCorp), jointly organised a composting cum recycling programme recently at Jelapang Tambahan, Ipoh.

The programme was aimed at teaching residents, ways to turn organic waste into fertiliser and to salvage recyclables from garbage. The ultimate aim is to create a caring society that keeps the environment clean through garbage separation and recycling.

The programme was in line with ICW’s vision of making Ipoh the most liveable city in Malaysia. President of ICW, Professor Dr Richard Ng, together with its members, used the three “E” approach namely, Engage, Explain and Educate to help turn Ipoh City into a clean city once more.

The home-waste composting project was to encourage residents to convert their leftover food, either during preparation or after eating, into compost that can be used as fertiliser for their gardens. Besides compositing residents were also taught to separate their garbage so they can be reused.

The objective, according to Victor Chew, Secretary of ICW, was to encourage residents to keep their environment clean and safe.

“Members are recruited from the local community and would be given training to conduct activities related to the issue,” said Victor.

The recycling programme in Jelapang Tambahan involved 250 houses. It had successfully recovered 1670.8kg of recyclables, which included plastic (236kg), metal (782.8kg) and paper (652kg). A total of 1670.8kg of solid waste was salvaged from the village dumpsite.


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