Some Ramadan Bazaars to Explore

Ramadan Round-up

By Ili Aqilah

Call it Pasar, Bazar or PaRam, Pasar Ramadhan is one of the best things about the holy fasting month. Assorted Malay kueh, Cendol, ABC and Mixed Rice are several items you can find at the bazaar. Ipoh Echo had a chance to visit several.


One of the biggest bazaars in Ipoh is located at Stadium Indera Mulia’s parking lot. With more than 50 stalls with various types of dishes, you will have a hard time deciding what to get. The star of this bazaar? Azhafiz Enterprise that sells fresh soya bean drinks and juices. Instead of adding ice that could water down the taste, they opted for a new approach. What sets this stall apart from any other is that the juices are frozen first in a stainless steel container before being sold to customers.

Pasar Ramadhan Stadium Indera Mulia (starts at 4pm), Persiaran Bulan, 31400 Ipoh.


Spring Rolls, or Popiah is one of the favourite local savoury dishes. Many sell their own version and interpretation of Popiah but not all are guaranteed to taste good. At Pasar Ramadhan Manjoi, SM Nur‘s popiah is one of the crowd’s favourites. Working from his motorcycle, customers will start queuing as soon as he parks his customised vehicle, all wanting to be the first to buy his popiah.

Pasar Ramadhan Manjoi starts at 3pm and is located along Jalan Alang Ishak and Jalan Sri Tanjung at Kg Sungai Tapah Seberang.


Medan Silibin

If we could guess what the crowd’s favourite is at Pasar Ramadhan Silibin, it has got to be Ayam Percik (grilled marinated chicken with spices and coconut milk) and Ayam Golek (grilled chicken)! There are more than 10 stalls selling Ayam Golek and Percik and they are usually packed with customers who don’t mind waiting for the chicken to be cooked to perfection. Besides chickens, the bazaar also sells satay, mixed rice and Malay kueh.

Pasar Ramadhan Silibin (Starts at 4pm)
Jalan Silibin, Taman Alkaff, 30100 Ipoh.


Taman Jati

The famous Pasar Ramadhan at Taman Jati is known for selling cooked meals, fresh fruits, firecrackers and its signature stall, Pak Iqbal’s Cendol (coconut milk with sweet palm sugar and small greenish bites made from rice flour and pandan leaf). Pak Iqbal and his wife have been selling their famous cendol for more than 5 years and show no signs of stopping. During non-fasting months, you can find him almost everyday outside Taman Meru’s mosque, selling a variety of cendol such as red bean cendol, glutinous rice cendol and many more.

Pasar Ramadhan Taman Jati, (Starts at 4pm)
Jalan jati, Taman Jati, 30020 Ipoh.
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