One Aspiring Young Dancer

Ipoh Echo is on the look out for Ipohites who have worked hard to continue chasing their dreams even after encountering many pitfalls and difficulties. These “unsung heroes”, regardless of their age and station in life, will be featured in our newly-introduced ‘Personality’ column. Our first candidate is Ezra Tham, an aspiring young dancing talent.

Like many kids his age, Ezra has a soft spot for music, in particular Korean Pop (K-Pop). He was amazed by the dance moves and wondered whether he could do as good as the Korean performers. And so at the tender age of 11, Ezra decided to learn dancing but instead of enrolling himself in a dancing school, he studied the skills on Youtube, instead. And the rest is history.

“Whenever I dance alone or with my group, VD2D I feel happy and motivated. I hope to influence more youngsters to pursue their interest in dancing,” said the 18-year-old Ipohite.

Along with like-minded friends who share the same interest, Ezra started a dancing group called the VD2D. The group has performed in several places in Ipoh. Recently, VD2D won second placing at the recent Shuddup N Dance: Volume 2 competition at Ipoh Parade.

Ezra received a few lessons in Latin dance but K-Pop is his true calling. He attended formal classes at D’Artiz Studio, Ipoh where he now works part time as a dance teacher. His forte is K-Pop dance movements.

“It doesn’t feel like work to me, as I really love dancing. While teaching others, I get to practise my moves as well,” said the teenager who admits to feeling lucky, as his parents are supportive of his dreams.

When asked about his ambition, the young and energetic performer aspires to be a full-fledged choreographer like his idols, Lia Kim, Mina Myoung and Kyle Hanagami after finishing his studies in performing arts.

We at Ipoh Echo wish Ezra Tham the very best and hope he will one day become what he wants to be – an accomplished choreographer.

Ili Aqilah

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