Mayor Meets Clients

Mayor Dato’ Zamri bin Man has made the meet-the-client sessions more accessible by holding Ipoh City’s Clients Day every first Tuesday of every month. Zamri’s first meet-the-client session, as mayor, was on Tuesday, August 4. It was held at the foyer of the Council building where the reception hall is located.

Ipoh City’s Clients’ Day is open to all Ipohites and would ensure that contact with the mayor and his staff would be much easier. During a media conference that followed, Zamri said that the number of complaints received by the Council was on the rise. In 2013 some 15,000 complaints were received and almost all were resolved. In 2014 approximately 16,000 complaints were received and 99.6 per cent of were attended to. Between January and July 2015, the Council received 18,000 complaints from the public.

“The growing number of complaints does not mean that we don’t do anything. It goes to show that there is a close rapport between us and ratepayers. The Council values this relationship, as it’s a good indicator of our effectiveness,” said Zamri to reporters.

“Whoever wants our help or our advice, on any issues, can see us on the appointed day. It’s an avenue for Ipohites to meet us directly and in person,” he added.

Among those who met the mayor that day were members of the Ipoh City Watch led by its Secretary, Victor Chew. Their grouses were centred on cleanliness and rubbish disposal. They impressed the mayor on their on-going programmes in Jelapang and Meru and invited him to participate.


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