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Nasi Lemak Kukus Warung Sungai Tapah

By Ili Aqilah

Nasi lemak has been one of Malaysia’s signature food equally loved by locals and tourists. Fans of Nasi Lemak in Ipoh now have a new venue at Nasi Lemak Kukus Warung Sungai Tapah to experience this iconic dish.

Customers are welcome to try their plain Nasi Lemak (Rice, sambal, boiled egg and anchovies) or add in supplementary dishes such as innards, Chicken Rendang, Cockles Sambal and many more. The price for basic Nasi Lemak starts at RM2.50 and will increase depending on your side dishes.

Aside from their famous Nasi Lemak, the restaurant also serves several other meals for your breakfast such as Ipoh’s signature Kuey Teow Kicap (Soy sauce) served with either fishball soup or curry. RM4 and up.

An assortment of fried rice and noodles are also available at the restaurant and fans of light breakfast can try their Kaya Toast (RM1.30 per set) and like any other Malaysian breakfast-restaurant, a glass of Teh Tarik (RM1.30) is a great choice to wash the meal down.

Open every day from 6.30am till noon, Nasi Lemak Kukus Warung Sungai Tapah is located at Jalan Cempaka, Sungai Tapah, Manjoi, 30020 Ipoh (opposite the mosque).

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