Islamic Tourism Centre Visits Muhammadiah Mosque

In collaboration with Tourism Perak, Tourism Malaysia, KTM Intercity and Muhammadiah Mosque Ipoh, the Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, visited Ipoh’s unique Chinese mosque as it is now listed under Malaysia’s Islamic tourism attractions on August 25.

The programme came to light from a collaborative Mosque Convention organised in October 2014 by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), Federal Territory Department of Islamic Affairs (MAIWP) and ITC where the convention introduced a new line of tourism called, Tourism Mosque.

“It is an honour to welcome the delegates from ITC to visit our one of a kind Chinese mosque. We are currently working hard to promote Halal Tourism where not only tourists are offered halal food and a comfortable place to perform prayers, but also hotels that are Shariah-compliant,” said the state executive councillor for Arts, Tourism and Culture, Dato’ Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi who officiated the event.

The chairman of Malaysia Chinese Muslim Association Perak / Deputy Chairman Muhammadiah Mosque Committee, Dato’ Fadzli Cheah Abdullah briefed the audience about the history of Muhammadiah Mosque.

Located in Taman Tasek Jaya, the structure of the mosque and overall construction are adorned with Chinese motifs but is adapted into the Malaysian culture. For example, instead of using the traditional Chinese lotus flower, the mosque used the national flower, Hibiscus instead.

“We are planning to build a multi-functional hall that can be used to hold classes and activities. Hopefully we will be able to complete the project as soon as possible,” said Fadzli.

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