The Dynasty Women Charity Dinner Show

When the urge to recreate a bygone era and emerge as Empresses and Concubines hit you, coupled with raising funds for a good cause, a group of Ipohites decided to take matters into their own hands to stage a spectacular show at the Kinta Riverfront Grand Ballroom in November.

In an evening celebrating women from the Tang Chinese dynasty, pomp, ceremony and grace will be paraded in front of an audience who are guaranteed to be oohing and aahing over the magnificent costumes which the volunteers took time, research and money to purchase for themselves in order to participate.

Calvin Lee (Malaysia’s Anita Mui) was totally blown away by the enthusiasm of the volunteers and the incredible lengths they went to, to ensure the authenticity in the costumes and accessories down to the head gear and wigs which they all had to purchase (self funding) for the re-creation. Playing Empress Dowager to Calvin Lee’s Emperor, will be Caroline Wong who was the inspiration and was instrumental in rounding up the ‘troops’ for this adventure into beauty and opulence and acted as the advisor for this event bringing together the talents of AJ training centre under its principal Ai Juan who gathered her beautician trainees for the concubine roles. Ai Juan will be doing all the makeup and hair for Caroline as well as the finishing touches on her trainees who are trained for precisely that function.

The programme will be  an extensive one including the 24 Festival Drums from SM Poi Lam (Suwa) Ipoh, Dance performance by Concubines and Little Princesses,  Catwalk parading and show by Emperor, Empress and 40 concubines and a Karaoke competition with 10 contestants.

A pre-event photoshoot was held in Gua Kek Lok Tong and Gunung Lang sponsored by I Do wedding Studio of Sitiawan.

Donations from the evening will go to New Horizons Early Intervention Centre and MAA Medicare Charity Dialysis centre.
Date: November 12   Time: 7pm.  Venue: Kinta Riverfront Grand Ballroom
Tickets selling at : RM1000 per table/ RM100 per seat
Contact: Ms Lim 012 517 7055; Mr Lee 010 378 6726

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