Swimming Pool Toilets Vandalised

The Ipoh City Council Swimming Pool Complex, reopened to the public on Monday, December 7 with renovated toilets and changing rooms, was vandalised barely three days after the opening day.
The targets of the vandals, according to the Council’s public relations officer, Mohd Syahrizal Azmiwere the toilets and changing rooms where maximum damages were inflicted.
“In the men’s changing room only the clothes hooks were affected. However, in the ladies’ changing room, clothes hooks, shower heads and washing sinks were wantonly damaged,” said Syahrizal.
“The renovation, which cost the Council RM287,680 is to provide better convenience to those using the complex. Repairing the damaged fittings will cost thousands more ringgit,” he deplored.
“The Council will assign a guard in the changing rooms soon. We hope that the public would cooperate to prevent vandalism,” he added.
“It’s totally unexpected and shocking that such a thing happened in the ladies’ changing room. I wonder whether it’s vandalism or poor workmanship,” said Sara, one of the complex users to Ipoh Echo.
Might be a good idea to collect a small fee from those using the toilets. If they keep getting vandalised that’s one way out,” said Michelle, 27, another regular user.
“Vandalism is a never-ending battle in Malaysia. By being proactive and continually assessing our strategies can help overcome the problem,” said Nisha, 25.
Repairs to the toilets and changing rooms are underway at reporting time. The whole episode is indicative of our mentality and upbringing. We have a first-world infrastructure but a third-world mentality, and that is the root of the problem.
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