Hawkers, Coffee Shop Operators are Unethical

Daily we observed that the price of food items keep going up. Early in 2015, the excuse was the devaluation of the ringgit and the high fuel price. However, from the second half of 2015, the fuel price had dropped and the ringgit had rebounded. Already these hawkers and coffee shop operators had made 200% profit since then. It is outrageous to increase their price of food items especially during the recent Chinese New Year. Since then the prices have remained. Malaysians of today are indeed unethical, immoral, cheating robbers who take every opportunity to cheat, rob others and swindle to accumulate for themselves. Education nowadays has failed to nurture values of society to cultivate the truth of self empowerment. A very recent example is that one piece of roti canai was up 20 sen when one kg. of flour went up by 33 sen. The only way is to boycott these food stalls, but nobody takes the initiative. So at the end of the day we are all victims of these thieves.

Chris Ng Chong Phee

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