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Tripping Hazard Along Jalan Lim Bo Seng Bridge

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By A. Jeyaraj

I took a friend of mine from outstation to visit Kinta River Walk which is a tourist attraction in Ipoh. On that night there was a function at Riverfront Hotel and there were many cars. I parked my car along Jalan Lim Bo Seng and walked towards the river.

A stretch of slabs along the walkway at the bridge were missing and there were also loose slabs. My friend nearly tripped. The lighting was not very bright. The missing and loose slabs are next to the railing and visitors walk along the railing to have a look at the river. This situation must have been there for quite some time since grass is growing at the stretch. I noticed many pedestrians using the walkway to go to the hotel and river bank.

At one end of the bridge, the signboard “Sungai Kinta” was placed against the railing of the bridge. The concrete foundations at the bottom was intact. It must have been pulled out from the original location. This is also a hazard.

At the outer side of the railing on both sides of the bridge is a cable trench filled with garbage. I wonder whether any one has looked at it.

This place is promoted as a tourist destination and when friends from outstation come, I drive them along the road in front of the hotel to see the lighted trees.

Kinta Riverfront Hotel is managing this tourist spot and should have spotted the hazard and reported it to MBI. They must ensure the environment is safe and present a good image of Ipoh. Right now it looks like no man’s land.

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