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Ipoh Calling

A two-day art event called Ipoh Calling was held recently at Ooi Comrades, an established local cafe located at Kampung Melayu Sungai Rapat, to promote Ipoh’s local brands, bands and many more.

Consisting of seven components such as a talk show, live band performance, independent and street-wear bazaar, street workout show, mural painting, live poem recitation and local theatre screening, Ipoh Calling managed to grab the attention not only of art lovers but also those who were interested to find out more about the independent scene in Ipoh.

Officiating the affair was state executive for Sports and Youth, Dato’ Shahrul Zaman Yahya who hopes more youths will participate in such events next time. “Congratulations to the team of Ooi Comrades for their hard work and determination to organise this event,” said Shahrul during his opening remarks.

Among bands and brands that participated in the event was Projek Rabak, PeaceBeUponYou, Joho, Abstrax, Masquerader, Tata Surya, Sendikit Jongkong Emas (SaJE) and Taqwa.

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