Disney’s Favourite Animation on Stage

“It’s for my daughter because she loves it very much,” said Corrinne Mah, when asked why she had chosen Frozen to be staged.

As much as everyone would say that Frozen was only meant for children, curiosity and excitement filled the hall, as everyone was waiting eagerly for the show to start.

St Michael Institution’s 64th annual drama was on from April 15 to 17, commencing at 7.45pm. Tickets, priced at RM20 and RM50 each for all three days, were sold out.

The stage-version of Frozen by the Michaelians was simple yet captivating. The production team had managed to grab the hearts of the audience via their splendid live presentation.

Corrinne said forthcoming dramas over the years would be dedicated to the late Brother Vincent Corkery whose persona had left an indelible mark on the school he once helmed.

“His encouragement motivated me to do my best. It’s sad that he’s no longer with us today to share our joy. But his memory lingers on,” a smiling Corrinne said.

Besides praising the late Brother Vincent, the director stressed her love for a production rather than the performance. Producing a play, she said, was never easy without the people behind the curtains.

“All of them did it for the school,” she recounted proudly. “That’s the Michaelian spirit we all looked up to.”

It was certainly a night to remember.  Besides the little niche in our hearts, Brother Vincent will live forever in all the school’s dramas.


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