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Food Trucks 2.0

By Ili Aqilah

For this issue we are bringing yet another two new food trucks, and one previously featured, to cater to the taste buds of foodies in Ipoh. While one serves one of Ipoh’s iconic dishes, the other has opted for something different.

Lebai Food Truck

Keeping it simple and one-of-a-kind, Lebai Food Truck is the first food truck in Perak to sell assorted preparations of soft shell crab. Owner of the truck, Mohamed Zaini Ahmad, known as Naem to many, 26, wants to try something that has never been done before.

“When I found out about tourists coming over to Kuala Gula for their soft shell crab, I figured it would be great if I could bring the food to the city known for its love of food. That is where Lebai Food Truck started,” said Naem.

There are currently four items available at the truck: fried soft shell crab, fried squid, cheesy sausages and the crowd favourite, fried soft shell crab burger. Customers can choose between three different sizes of fried soft shell crab; medium (RM7.90), large (RM9.90) or extra large (12.90). All items are prepared ala minute to ensure the freshness of every item.

Lebai Food Truck operates every day except Monday from 8pm till 11.30pm. The truck will usually be at Greentown business centre but may change location on some days. Follow them on Instagram at @lebaifoodtruck for updates.


Ipoh Ayam Garam

Taking Ipoh’s famous dish on truck, Chef Uni and his team joined the Silver State Food Truck bandwagon last November and the crowds are loving his approach.

“I decided to sell halal-certified Ayam Garam (Salted Chicken) because it is hard for Muslims to have a taste of one of Ipoh’s signature food.”

There are two types of salted chicken sold at Ipoh Ayam Garam food truck, the classic salted ginseng chicken (RM26 per whole chicken) and for those who want it spicy, salted black pepper chicken (RM26 for whole chicken).

The truck would sometimes roam around town and sell ready-to-eat meals such as rice with quarter size salted chicken that come in three different flavours: ginseng, black pepper and deep fried (all priced at RM8). Chef Uni also sells green chilli and red chilli dips (RM6 per bottle) that can be eaten together with the salted chicken.

For more information about the truck and its whereabouts, follow their Instagram at @ipoh_ayamgaram.


The Hut: Foodtruck and Catering

Perak’s first food truck,The Hut, has expanded their service into catering for private events, trainings and meetings.

Co-Founder of The Hut, Muhamad Hadi Hafiz, believes the concept of food trucks has exposed the team and him to a cleaner and efficient way of running a business, “We have received great support, acceptance and encouragement from the authorities, government bodies and of course the media,” said Hadi who runs the business with best friend, Fathiah Nasuha.

Readers can simply call The Hut where they will be selling their usual menu available at the truck such as their signature Monster Chicken Sandwich, Pasta Carbonara, Gua Bao, Churros, Desserts all priced at RM8 per dish or try their traditional (RM10 per head) or western (RM12 to RM15 per head) set menu that comes with a main and side dish, salad, dessert and drinks.

For indoor affairs, there are a few available options. For example, a box of sandwiches, traditional kueh and drinks cost only RM5 per head while for just RM12-RM15 per head, customers will get a box of butter rice or spaghetti, chicken/meat/fish (grilled/baked/cook), salads, desserts and drinks.

Customised menus can also be made upon request. To get in touch with The Hut, contact Hadi at 012 544 1054 or Fathiah at 012 656 0903 or follow them on Instagram at

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