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It started when she wore it at the coronation of Perak’s 35th Sultan Nazrin Muizzudin Shah last year and many couldn’t help but notice the beautiful tekat handbag on her arm. That was the moment when Her Highness Raja Puan Makhota Perak, Raja Nazhatul Shima Sultan Idris Shah realised that this could be one of the ways to promote Perak’s signature art of Tekat (embroidery).

Having that in mind, Raja Nazhatul became the founder of Nazha Exclusive where she is involved in the production of Tekat handbags to restore Tekat designs to its former glory. The art of making Tekat is produced by using a tool called Mempulur as the base to mold the frame and design. A Mempulur is a piece of cardboard cut and shaped according to the desired pattern. What makes it special is the usage of gold thread embroidery that will then cover the Mempulur on velvet.

Her Highness inherited the love for Tekat from her late grandmother, Raja Perempuan Kalsom, the consort to the late Sultan Alang Iskandar, the 30th Sultan of Perak. The late Raja Perempuan Kalsom was highly skilled in producing Tekat pieces including one that decorated the first throne in 1933 in Iskandar Palace Perak and also the official garb of the first Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Together with her children, Raja Nazhatul’s hard work paid off as they launched Nazha Exclusive recently on April 20 at JW Marriott, Kuala Lumpur.

“It was through the help and encouragement I’ve received from my children that has led to the birth of Nazha Exclusive,” said Raja Nazhatul during her opening remarks.

The royal studded event was attended by a few members of the royal families including Her Royal Highness of Perak, Tuanku Zara Salim, Johor’s Raja Zarith Sofia, Terengganu’s Sultanah Nur Zahirah and Pahang’s Sultanah Kalsom Abdullah to name a few. Princess of Johor, Her Highness Tunku Tun Aminah and Pahang’s Crown Princess Tunku Azizah also made grand appearances to the affair.

Over fourteen designs were on display during the launch including Nazha Lili, Nazha Tanjung, Nazha Kenanga, Nazha Anggerik, Nazha Cempaka, Nazha Melati and Nazha Semarak. Guests were given the chance to be the first to see Nazha Exclusive Tekat handbags which were made from either silver or gold Tekat. Among those that got the buzz going was the Nazha Glitz collection,  black leather clutch with gold Tekat accompanied by bedazzling stones.

The Tekat patterns were personally designed by Her Highness and she hopes that her collection will penetrate the international market one day so that the art of Tekat will be recognised throughout the world.

“It felt like a responsibility to promote something that is well-known as one of Perak’s iconic signatures. It has been my passion to show the world what Perak has to offer and I hope people will appreciate our heritage as much as I do,” said Her Highness who also has a plan to set up an exhibition about Tekat at Baitul Rahmah, Kuala Kangsar soon.

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