Double Joy for Ho Yan Hor

It was double the happiness for Ho Yan Hor, the first and longest-standing product from Hovid Berhad, as it celebrated the official launch of its museum as well as the 75-year milestone of the packaged herbal tea on Saturday, April 30.

“The brand ‘Ho Yan Hor’ means ‘everybody is able to’. My father was thinking that everybody can benefit from the tea,” David Ho, Managing Director of Hovid Berhad explained during the momentous occasion held at the Ho Yan Hor Museum at Jalan Bijeh Timah, Ipoh.

The museum is located in a pre-war heritage building where the tea was first invented and the original home of the founder, Dr Ho Kai Cheong and his family. The restoration of the building began in March last year by ipohWorld headed by Commander Ian Anderson and funded by Hovid Berhad. Since its soft launch in January, over 10,000 visitors have visited the museum.

It was a fun-filled morning hosted by My FM DJ, Jeff Chin. Besides the free-flow tea, there were a photo booth, brass band performance, antique car display, lion and dragon dances, a celebratory parade and games with exciting prizes.

“My first impression is Dr Ho Kai Cheong would have started the whole business as a social enterprise. That means people do business with social responsibility and a love for the community at heart. From then, his business had flourished. He had set a very good example and model for us,” stated Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon, Executive Councillor for Health, Public Transport, Non-Islamic Affairs, National Integration and New Villages during the press conference.

“I’m very pleased to see the setting up of this museum, a true reflection of the history of Ipoh and that of Ho Yan Hor,” he added.

“Ho Yan Hor tea is an old-time classic from my childhood. The parade was also a delight, as I came across vintage vehicles selling breads, ice cream and cigarettes which I used to patronise,” said a 68-year-old retired businessman to Ipoh Echo.

The Ho Yan Hor Museum opens from Tuesday to Sunday between 10am to 4pm. It can be reached at 05 241 2048.

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